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Head of Department Angel Barajas
Deputy Head Olga N. Volkova



194100 Saint Petersburg

Kantemirovskaya st., 3A

room 311

+7 (812) 644-59-11 (61520)

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The Influence of Capital Structure on the Value of Public Companies in Chemical Industry

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New Steps in Intellectual Capital Research

Several events related to the research and measurement of intellectual capital and their application in Russian business took place as part of the 16th HSE April Conference on Economic and Social Development.

These events included a keynote report by Stefano Zambon, coordinator of a series of workshops on ‘Visualising, Measuring, and Managing Intangibles and Intellectual Capital’ held by EIASM (European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management).

Colleagues from the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy (HSE in Perm) and Corporate Finance Center (HSE in Moscow) spoke at a special session dedicated to intellectual capital studies. The discussant at the session was Elena Rogova, Head of the Department of Finance, HSE Campus in St. Petersburg.

One of the key events was a roundtable discussion with leading consulting companies on the issues of intellectual capital evaluation, management and application, which was organized by Irina Ivashkovskaya, Head of the HSE School of Finance. She was also the main ‘mover’ behind all the other events.

According to Prof. Ivashkovskaya, The aims of HSE in all these events were the following:

Stimulating learning on how to apply intellectual capital in Russian business. Such studies are already being carried out in HSE research centres and laboratories, and their integration is a key task for today;

Stimulating regular dialogue with the business community on the problems of intellectual asset application, analysis, and evaluation; regular organization of roundtable discussions on these topics;

Creating an environment for developing interest in this topic in Russia; starting a dialogue with governmental bodies responsible for standards of reporting on intellectual assets;  supporting Russian organizations in joining the World Intellectual Capital Initiative.

All HSE campuses, including the St. Petersburg campus, are involved in this sphere of activity.

Varvara Nazarova, Associate Professor of the Department of Finance, and Olga Volkova, Professor of the Department of Finance, also participated in the session and the roundtable.