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International Centre for Health Economics, Management, and Policy

Reforming voluntary drug insurance in Russian healthcare: does social solidarity matter?

Liudmila Zasimova, Christopher J. Gerry, Kaneva M.

Health Policy. 2017. Vol. 121. No. 11. P. 1177-1185.

Book chapter
Heroin Markets In print

Meylakhs P.

In bk.: Dual Markets - Comparative Approaches for Regulation. Springer International Publishing, 2017.

Working paper
Entrepreneurial Activity and Institutions. The Impact of Rule of Law and Control of Corruption

Shagbazian G., Aistov A.

SSRN Working Paper Series. SSRN Working Paper Series. Social Science Research Network, 2017

Press News


3 April 2017

How AIDS Denialism Spreads In Russia Through Online Social Networks

Many don’t seek treatment until their health deteriorates.

The Huffington Post

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Open Call for CHEMP Director

The HSE St. Petersburg International Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy (CHEMP) is seeking to appoint a Russia-based Director. 


Georgiy Poltavchenko visited the Higher School of Economics in Saint-Petersburg

On September 27 governor of Saint-Petersburg Georgiy Poltavchenko has paid his first visit to the Higher School of Economics. The meeting took place at the School of Economics and Management – the biggest campus of HSE Saint Petersburg, accommodating five research laboratories of the university.

Work In Progress Seminar Series

Anastasia Meylakhs will present the paper "Sexual partnerships of Russian drug users: reduction and increase in HIV-infection transmission risks within relationships' dynamics"
Seminar presentation will be based on a pilot study results of «Staying Safe in St. Petersburg: how long-term IDUs avoid HIV infection». We will describe how some aspects of being in a stable relationships may facilitate or block a viral transmission within a couple. Mainstream public health studies predominately show injecting drugs couples as a route of viruses transmission; contrary to that vision we recognise a protective effects of PWID couples as a factor for their health and well-being in the long run.

Read Professor Christopher Davis's Oxford University blog on the challenges and opportunities of growing old in Russia

Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy Marks Two Years

Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy - or CHEMP, as it is known - was launched two years ago. Today CHEMP offers a unique opportunity to unite and internationalize the emerging body of education and research in the field of health studies. CHEMP’s Director Professor Christopher Gerry, Chair of Internationalisation Steering Group and Academic Adviser to Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at HSE St. Petersburg, provides an update on the Centre’s activities and achievements.

About the Aleksandrova E. visit's University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)

At 15-17th of May Junior Research Fellow Aleksandrova E. visited University Medical Center Groningen, she was in the meeting with Head of Unit Patient-Centered  HTA (Health Technology Assessment) Professor Paul Krabbe.